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CST Corporation has a state of the art repair facility that will provide the highest quality repair for all of your POS equipment and is peripherals at a fair and competitive price. Our commitment to keeping your stores up and running, efficiently and effectively, is our goal. Use our services exclusively or to complement your existing resources. Our technical expertise is composed of highly qualified electronic technicians who are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to keep your equipment functioning properly. Whether you need staging of your POS equipment or component level repairs, our staff with over 30 years of experience will get the job done to your satisfaction!


Contact us if you have old POS equipment you are not using. We buy equipment outright or can give credit towards purchases of a system upgrade. This can save you costly equipment disposal fees and help keep the equipment out of landfills and protect the environment.


At CST, we pride ourselves on designing innovative service programs that meet your needs. We offer a variety of service programs tailored to you. We can offer advance exchanges, depot maintenance and swap programs.


We also offer repairs based on time and materials with a quick turnaround time of 1-2 business days.


We have a large stock of refurbished POS equipment.



CST can customize a POS solution that specifically meets your needs. Whether it is on site repair, depot repair or phone support ,CST will customize a service thats right for you!


We maintain and warehouse all spare parts for any and all the POS equipment we sell and service.


When a part is discontinued by the OEM, CST has reversed engineered that part to continue the life of that product line.


We also offer in house repairs on printers, circuit boards, kitchen timers and all related system partsl.




CST offers a program on most equipment to help your store minimize down time. We sell you the unit at a discounted rate and you return to us your non working part that it is replacing.




Our technicians will travel to your location to handle your installs to meet your needs and schedule!


Buying and Selling POS equipment


On Site maintenance


Depot maintenance


Advance Exhange Program



Phone Support


In this economy, refurbished POS equipment is a cost effective alternative to new!



We are so confident in our repairs, we offer a full 90 day warranty on all repairs completed at our depot center. We offer a full 120 day warranty on all Advanced Exhange equipment. All of our repairs undergo a vigorous 24 hour diagnostic period to ensure quality equipment is returned to you to minimize your down time. All items go through a dual, quality control process before shipping. 

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What Products does CST Repair?


We offer repairs, software staging and installation on just about any brand of POS equipment that is manufactured for both restaurants and retail environments, We also repair printers, cash drawers bump bars, terminals, OCU's/OCB's, kitchen video, LCD's, CRT monitors, kitchen minders, Duke timer bars and Prince Castle timer bars. We keep stores running efficiently while saving you money! Does your in house technician have a motherboard failure in a piece of equipment? No problem! Send us your motherboards and we will repair them, saving you in repair cost! We can also warehouse your spare equipment and ship out same day service to any of your stores nationwide.



Once your new or updated POS systems are installed and functional, we offer you and your employees a comprehensive over-the-phone or in-store training session conducted by one of our trained trainers.  We want to ensure you get the most out of your hardware and software solution.


Having your personal data in the wrong hands could be devastating.  At CST you are ensured that all of your recorded information is thoroughly destroyed and that hard drives are either rendered unreadable, cleansed, or physically destroyed.


 Our consulting services can assist you in objectively evaluating the full range of hardware, software, and integration services that retail technology has to offer.  Our ability to plan, design, and integrate diverse computer and communication components into a model that will help you understand how to achieve your goals is our number one objective


We aim to deliver custom software systems by utilizing the latest in development tools to provide a stable and easily modifiable solution.  By identifying the correct factors of your retail environment we create and implement custom functions in your software that has generated considerable savings for our customers in the past.

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